League of Angels

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    2.5D/2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play

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League of Angels is a fantasy MMORPG taking place in a massive colorful world packed with epic quests, grand adventures, great battles, and a significant amount of player personalization. Stand against the evil Suurde forces and restore the power of the divine!

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there is a variety of purchasable side content.

Key Features:

Classes: Assume your champion's role from the frontlining Warrior, spellweaving mage, or cunning Archer.

Friend in Me: Learn to rely on your guardian whom will provide vital support in combat.

Grab the Popcorn: Sit back and relax, let the automated combat system take care of minor engagements.

Power Grind: Become unstoppable by leveling up your stats and acquiring powerful items.

Diving Deep: Tackle all manner of dungeon challenges including solo, co-op, cross-server, and rogue-like.

Mini Games Galore: Aside from its core gameplay, there are copious amounts of fun side activities to reward players with items.

Love and Care: Travel through beautiful environments marveling at the hand-crafted set pieces.

Mighty Steed: Tame incredible mounts for faster travel across the land.

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