Lucifer Within Us

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    Kitfox Games

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Lucifer Within Us is a story rich mystery game in which you must exercise digital daemons from the minds of humans who have committed sins under their sway.

Business Model: Retail Purchase

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Investigate: Investigate timelines, search for clues, and find the lies to discover the truth.

Your Skills as an Investigator: You don't just watch the mystery be solved before your eyes, you must work to solve it using the clues presented to you.

More than it Seems: Is there more lying beneath the utopia you see before you? Of course there is!

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Game Videos

  • Lucifer Within Us Gameplay Trailer

    You are a digital exorcist, seeing beyond this reality into alternate timelines of the accused. Solve murders, purify the possessed, and purge their daemon

  • Lucifer Within Us Announced by Kitfox Games

    Kitfox Games revealed a new game during the Kinda Funny Game showcase at E3 2019 - Lucifer Within Us! Players will be asked to solve murders, purify the po

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