Moon Hunters

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    Kitfox Games

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    2D Fantasy

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    In Development

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Moon Hunters is a myth-weaving adventure for 1-4 players, solving ancient mysteries and building mythologies. Players explore a hand-painted pixel art world that's randomly generated and rich with legends, non-linear stories, and secrets.


Non-Linear Story: The mythology of individual characters and the world is determined by the actions of players - the world reacts differently based on the mythology an individual player builds. For example, upon discovering a villager has told a lie to the player, some may coax out the truth with diplomacy, while others may punish immediately with violence. The game world will shift and react based on these decisions.

Procedurally-Generated Exploration: Over a hundred different locations and landmarks each have their own potential to help or hinder adventurers. Every landmark and territory may contain a Myth, which is essential in growing the world and individual characters.

Personality Traits and Progression: Your decisions reflect different aspects of your personality to storytellers of different factions. Unlock new powers, creatures, items, and myths as you explore the world.

Gamer Family Friendly: Moon Hunters features intuitive, 'Zelda-style' action-RPG gameplay and short, small game sessions that are conducive to the enjoyment groups of friends or even families of gamers.

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