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NeoSteam offers players an all new experience that combines a highly detailed fantasyenvironment with interesting steampunk machinery. The player can choose between four different character classes and join one of two Realms that fight for supremacy on the continent of Rope Isle. The Kingdom of Elerd, which represents a classical fantasy empire with magical spellcasters, is looking for new adventurers, while the Republic of Rogwel is preparing for battle as well. The Republic relies mainly on technical finesse, which is reflected in their advanced steam engines. NeoSteam, which is used to operate these powerful machines, is soon to become the most important resource in the epic struggle.

For players, NeoSteam is not only an exciting and extensive fantasy MMORPG, but offers them many unseen possibilities, thanks to the unique setting. Besides classical battles against monsters and other players, NeoSteam offers adventurers the chance, to build their own steam engines and create their own fighting vehicles.

- Free 3D Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)
- Innovative Fantasy-Steampunk Setting
- Five Races and Four Unique Classes
- Players Create Their Own Steam Engines and Mounts
- Many Player versus Player Arenas
- Epic Realm versus Realm Battles
- Free to Play - No Need to Buy, No Monthly Fees

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