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Offworld Trading Company is a 3D sci-fi real-time strategy game developed by Mohawk Games and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac. Offworld Trading Company brings players to Mars, where they must cultivate its resources and prove that their colony is the superior economic power through various means. New technologies, resources, and goods await you on this foreign planet, but you will soon realize that your most valuable asset is your economic wit.


Economic Power: Use economic espionage, stock prices, and even patents to drive your opponents out of the market. There is no military here to help you physically take down other colonies.

Dynamic Campaign: Offworld Trading Company's singleplayer campaign will respond to your economic choices to ultimately determine your colony's fate.

Resources and Goods: Use thirteen different resources to create new goods that you can sell on the market.

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    Former Designer behind Civilization 3 and 4, Soren Johnson, reveals details of a new economic science fiction simulator, Offworld Trading Company.

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