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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, representing the first fresh IP from the developer in years. Set in an advanced future earth, an international task force known as the Overwatch has left a legacy in a world that still needs heroes. Though the Overwatch has fallen from favor, remnants of the force, both good and evil, continue to battle for power, riches, or just what's right. Gameplay consists of objective based frantic team battles with a slew of characters featuring skills sets more akin to MOBA characters than you might be accustomed to in an online team shooter.


Massive Original Roster: Featuring over 20 confirmed characters and plenty more quickly rolling in, Overwatch breaks the expectations of the shooter genre with personality, flair, and well balanced character kits filling distinctly MOBA style roles.

Modes: Whether you want a bloody down and dirty brawl, or a tactical team focused battle, Overwatch covers you between the Escort Mode and Assault Mode, both featuring 6v6 players.

Maps Galore: Mastering the game requires knowing every nook and cranny, and how to use it for your advantage, or against your foe. With a huge slew of maps taking you on a world tour between the two modes, you can expect to spend some serious hours learning how to use your character's kit in a wide array of scenarios.

High Flying Action: Don't expect your opponent to just walk around the corner and take a plasma blast in the face. With multi-elevation maps and plenty of movement boosting skills, foes might get the drop on you from any viable direction. Stay on guard!

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