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    Hi-Rez Studios

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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a F2P FPS developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Focused on team-based strategy, Paladins combines FPS combat with RPG elements and a collectible card system that allows players to amplify and augment their characters with different abilities. There are presently two game modes, Siege and Payload. In Siege, the goal is to acquire four points, taking a point gains your team a point, escorting the payload is a point, and stalling the other team gives you a point. Payload is Attack/Defend, where you escort a stolen treasure trove, and the goal is to push it there, or to stall the other team. The Champions work under the traditional MOBA settings, with healers, tanks, and damage dealers, characters that use stealth and are their own unique world. Unlike Smite, the characters are new to this IP, with the exception of Grover, which is the tree that Sylvanus sits upon in SMITE.


Fast, skill-based action: All weapons in Paladins are projectiles, requiring players to take great aim in order to hit their targets.

Mount up: Players can use various mounts in order to traverse the large battlefields.

Customization: Collect cards from battles and use them to increase your hero's abilities. Each character works with a six card deck and can use a power point system to increase their rarity/power of the cards, allowing for infinite customization.

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