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    Bandai Namco

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Project Cars is a comprehensive online racing game with a robust single-player mode. It offers players a huge array of features and options for customization, with every aspect of the car's performance available for tuning. Even pit strategies can be modified and prepared in advance, to create a personalized approach to racing strategy. Available for PC, Oculus Rift, PS4 and XB1.

Business Model: Retail Purchase

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Weekend Races: Players can create anything from a short race on a sunny go-karting track, to a full endurance event complete with qualifying and practice sessions that runs through the night and throws everything Mother Nature has against them.Players can even perform warmup and formation laps, accelerate the time of day up to 240x speed, and choose exactly where they want to start on the grid.

Comprehensive Control: Players can tweak everything from tire pressure, ride height, spring rate - bump info can be set for each individual wheel and front and rear downforce, toe angle, and even sway bar settings can be edited. Globally, players can set brake pressure and balance along with wastegate pressure, gear and steering ratios, engine brake mapping, and more. It's a game for true car enthusiasts.

Pit Engineer: In addition to a pit crew, players will also be assisted during their race by the Pit Engineer who will speak via Pit2Car radio informing of weather changes, incidents around the track, changes in race position and timings, corner information and more.

Hyper-Realistic Graphics: Project Cars pushes graphics to the absolute limits of current technology. The goal of the game is to achieve near photo-realism, for the most immersive and stunning racing experience possible.

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