Quake Champions

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Quake Champions is the love letter to classic multiplayer first person arena shooters. Sprint across the map blowing to bits any fool in your path with a barrage of killer weapons, unique skills, and plain old skill, available for Microsoft Windows.

Git Good: They only way to win is to simply be better than everyone else.

M-M-M-MULTI-KILL: Decimate your opposition in the fiercely competitive player versus player mode.

Gore-Geous: Experiment with all they ways you can make your foe explode into tiny pieces.

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Game Videos

  • Quake Champions – Sorlag Champion Trailer

    Sorlag exists only to hunt the warmbloods, to splatter that juice all across the Arena. He's coming to Quake Champions, and you'll be able to get a feel f

  • Quake Champions – Introducing Duel Mode

    Team battles do not always show just who is the greatest. Sometimes, you must merely yell "1v1 me, nerd!" and get into duel mode. It's a one on one to see

  • Quake Champions – Visor Champion Trailer

    From the depths of the Quake 3 Arena, Visor comes to Quake Champions! You can sign up for the Beta right here!

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