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Mysterious rifts are tearing the world of Telara apart. A powerful magic explosion during the final days of the Shade War has left the veil between Telara and other planar dimensions fractured and torn.

Treacherous and powerful, these rifts occur when another plane of reality intersects with the magical Ward protecting Telara. Rifts create doorways for planar invasion, destroying the lands and people of Telara, but they may also grant otherworldly power to those brave enough to seize it.

Every player experiences a different adventure in the living, breathing world of Telara. Rift: Planes of Telara has all of the traditional quests and deep story arcs you expect from a fantasy MMO role-playing game, but there is unpredictability to life in Telara that guarantees even familiar terrain can offer new dangers and opportunities.

Business Model: Free to Play with premium "patron" subscription.

Microtransactions: Yes - Large amounts of content paywalled behind premium subscriptions, including classes and dungeons. Players may purchase inventory space, mounts, cosmetics, loyalty, and pretty much anything else they could want on the game's store.

Key Features:

Dozens of Classes: Four basic classes each have nine souls, making a total of 36 base classes to play - each of which can be customized further to suit your playstyle.

In Depth Crafting: Six crafting skills and their companion gathering skills will help gear your characters and earn you extra coin.

Dynamic Rift Events: Across the world, rifts in reality tear open and unleash enemies from the Planes. Go forward and defend the world with other players while earning rewards.

An Epic Endgame: Expansive end game content includes raids designed for different sizes of groups, instant action, dungeons, and more.


RIFT is currently on version 4.5, and continues to be developed after its purchase by Gamigo. For full patch and update history please see the game's forum here.

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