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Rising Generals is a strategy war game, set in a fictional, futuristic version of the tense Cold War scenario of the 1980s. The online war game features a realistic landscape and a strategic transport infrastructure that can be used to the players' advantage.


Instant-action strategy: Directly see the results of your actions - attacking another player's outpost means you can observe your army marching out to battle the second you give the order to attack

Unique features: Seamlessly zoom on all devices to never miss the fine little details or to get a comprehensive overview of the entire battlefield, just whatever you like best. You can attack your enemies with brute force and overwhelming armies, or fight using stealth and surprise attacks

Cross-platform:: This strategy war game is one of the first and few truly cross-platform online games: Rising Generals was planned, developed, and optimized for multiple devices right from the start. Play at home on your desktop computer, download the app for your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and continue playing while you're on the move.

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