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Silkroad Online is a free massively played online RPG (MMORPG). This MMO is about the history of the Silk Road, a historical look into the trade routes of Asia. This MMO takes the stories, the places, and the events of the Silk Road and blends them together in an amazing fantasy element. Players can join in and role-play on the Silk Road fulfilling trades from one city to the next encountering danger and adventure. This game is known for its stunning graphics, the variety in game play, the unique playable races (Currently Chinese and Europeans) and of course the Triangular Conflict. The Triangular Conflict is the trading system that players can partake in anytime they are in the game and it uses three jobs to complete the Triangle; Merchant, Hunter, and Thief. Each job goes for glory to finish the trade and keep their goods.

The Current game has introduced updates as Legends. Each legend bringing in a new assortment of game play and adventure for new and old players alike to join in and explore. Legend I, Europe expansion was introduced on July 24, 2007 and it added a new race, Europe. This gave players a new playable race on top of the Chinese with its own distinctive advantages to join in the games adventures and trading. This Legend introduced an assortment of maps, characters, clothing, items, pets, skills and a new party-play system to incorporate more player cooperation to name a few of the key features from this expansion.

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