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SkySaga is a multiplayer online sandbox adventure game published by SmileGate and developed by Radiant Worlds. SkySaga features unique journeys with limitless horizons, building and crafting. Claim treasures and conquer enemies alone or as a team. Achieve victory in dungeon quests and tactical PvP.


Be the hero: Choose your own path in pursuit of your destiny. Fresh challenges await you each day and your successes are celebrated among friends and fellow heroes.

Fight to Win: Prove your gladiatorial skills with seamless access to player versus player arenas.

Build and Create: You can dig, harvest or trade for materials used to modify tools or assemble devices such as a blacksmith’s forge.

See the World: Discover new horizons across land and sea, snow and sand, field and mountain.

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    Skysaga Alpha 10 is coming on February 23rd, and possibly with a new race teased in this trailer?

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