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  • Developer:
    Offworld Industries

  • Genres:
    Sim, Shooter

Squad is a team-based FPS by Offworld Industries. As a long-anticipated standalone spiritual successor to the massively popular BF2:Project Reality Mod, Squad lets players team up in 100-man Combined Arms Warfare featuring decade-honed balance between realism and FPS gameplay.


Organic and Emergent Gameplay: The battlefield of Squad is built around organized teams using both the environment and the assets available within the game to wage a tactical battle against an opposing team. From role organization to base building to vehicle mechanics, teamwork amplifies the effectiveness of the tools at your disposal.

Massive battles: Details Immerse players into a rich battle environment with 50 vs. 50 combat filled with challenges and opportunities.

Objective-based combat: Commanders and squad leaders will be given the ability to shape the battlefield through construction of defensive and offensive fortifications as well as control of battlefield planning and supplemental combined arms assets. Coupled with this, spawn dynamics will be affected by occupation of territories and level of supply each objective is receiving.

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Game Videos

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    Squad: Version 7 is now in early access on Steam! Time to get in on the intense military action!

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