Star Conflict

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    Star Gem Inc.

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    Sci-Fi, Free To Play, Shooter

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Star Conflict is a free to play Sci-fi MMO space simulation game developed by Star Gem Inc. where players can take control of their very own spaceship in interplanetary battles. The galaxy is now divided between the militant star empires and independent mercenary groups. In a remote corner of the galaxy, Sector 1337, there is a place now considered to be the area of the dead. Many mercenaries flock here in hopes of obtaining the riches they've seen some emerge with, but there is also the fear of disappearing and never being seen again like many others. Do you have what it takes to explore this mysterious sector and acquire the wealth and power you desire?


Three-sided conflict: Join either the Empire, Federation or Jericho. Each side is divided into two factions, so the game has a total of six factions. They are all descendants of humankind, separated into tightly-knit communities by bitter conflicts.

Three ship classes: Whether you're into light and fast interceptors, powerful fighters and well-defended frigates, each class can carry out a specific role - they can be fitted with various modules appropriate for the corresponding roles: recon, ECM, Gunships and several others.

Pilot progression: Start as a mercenary working for one of the sides of conflict. Earn faction loyalty by fulfilling various contracts to gain access to the best weapon and modules samples.

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