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    Stargem Games

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Star Conflict is a F2P Sci-Fi action MMO where players control their own spaceships to cruise and battle across the galaxy. Join a faction battle for dominance in space sectors in various PvE or PvP game modes.


Three-sided conflict: Join either the Empire, Federation or Jericho. Each side is divided into two factions, so the game has a total of six factions. They are all descendants of humankind, separated into tightly-knit communities by bitter conflicts.

Three ship classes: Whether you're into light and fast interceptors, powerful fighters and well-defended frigates, each class can carry out a specific role - they can be fitted with various modules appropriate for the corresponding roles: recon, ECM, Gunships and several others.

Pilot progression: Start as a mercenary working for one of the sides of conflict. Earn faction loyalty by fulfilling various contracts to gain access to the best weapon and modules samples.

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