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Starcraft II follows the same successful format of human mutant versus bug like alien versus religious zealot alien that made its original so successful. However it does it better in nearly every way. Starcraft II carries a much stronger focus on storyline and progression, making for a unique RPG feel as you play through the main storyline and choose to upgrade and power up your favorite uniques to truly utilize your style of play to the fullest.

It also features a legendary online competitive arena complete with Leagues and rankings to keep fans interested in the long haul as two more expansions are still on the way for Starcraft II.


Three Races: Battle at the hardened Terran, the plague-like Zerg, or the Overpowering Protoss in the ultimate battle for survival.

Extensive Online Community: Join Guilds, fight with your friends, and seek fame in the one of the most competitive and active online leagues in the world of gaming.

Detailed Single Player Storylines: Though you are forced to only play as one race in each campaign, a total of three game campaigns will eventually be released, each carrying over 50 hours of hardcore Strategy RPG gameplay to hone your skills for the online league.

Resource Based Death Matches: Test your efficiency, strategy, and management as you race your opponents to acquire more resources and implement them faster to attain ultimate victory.

Varied and Strategic Maps: Play through hundreds of maps, each designed to offer terrain advantages for the skilled comander, including high versus low ground, cover, and choke points.

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