Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    S2 Games

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Strife closed its servers for good in October of 2018, without comment from its developers.

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Game Videos

  • Strife – How to Bandit.0

    Strife unleashes a supportive robot with a knack for gambling on his skill use to win big

  • Strife – How to Iah

    Strife showcases the playstyle of their newest hero, Iah!

  • Strife: Iah Hero Reveal

    The sands have shifted to reveal a recently resurrected ancient princess.

Game Articles

  • Strife Releases Patch 0.4.7

    Strife has released patch 0.4.7 today, adding two new pets: Plunder and Tink. The rivalry between these two new pets was previewed in a teaser last...

  • Strife: Improved Matchmaking Now Available

    S2 Games has tuned up and improved features further thanks to players helping them to push their systems and giving us feedback. Thanks to the players,...

  • Strife: Patch 0.4.2 Now Live

    S2 Games has released a new update for their casual MOBA title Strife. In this update, three new heroes are available and free to play for a limited am...