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Summoners War is a Korean mobile MMORPG in which players take on the role of summoners collecting, training, and fusing various types of beasts and pets. The Summoners use these creatures to do battle and attempt to save the world. Each creature belongs to a unique element, which affects its abilities and stats.


Large Variety of Creatures: Demons, warbears, dragons, and more are available for collection. Each one is made more unique by their awakened status, their element, and their breeding. Players can spend a great deal of time perfecting their team and finding the perfect combination of effects for their favorite pets.

Large Mobile Community: Summoners War has been optimized for mobile play, and is available on a wide selection of platforms. The community is relatively large for such a new game, and has active forums.

Daily Events: Like all good eastern games, Summoners War is rife with daily events and limited time offers and challenges for players. Dungeons can be organized by their attributes fire, water, air, earth, darkness, light - and will be available at different times or on different days. Sometimes they'll all be open at once. Other events can be windows during which players who achieve specific level-up milestones will receive extra rewards.

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