The Alchemist Code

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    Fuji&gumi Games

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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The Alchemist Code is an upcoming free-to-play Japanese strategy RPG developed by Fuji&gumi Games for iOS and Android. In The Alchemist Code players can experience classically tactical gameplay in intense missions with gloriously animated 3D battles. Little is known about The Alchemist Code at the moment, but with stunning anime-styled cut scenes and epic audio in terms of both music and voice acting it is sure to impress with its production quality! Will you prevail and bring change to the world?


Seven Deadly Sins: The seven deadly sins are running rampant and wreaking havoc on the world. Stopping them is of the utmost importance!

Strategic Teams: Customize your own team of characters and deploy them on the battlefield. Figure out what characters work well together to better your chances of success.

Multi-dimensional Battlefields: Having different elevations and orientations to manage during battles means every little move counts and could leave your team secured or completely exposed. Use your gut and your mind to outsmart your opponents.

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  • The Alchemist Code Trailer

    gumi launches the Japanese mobile strategy RPG, The Alchemist Code, to a global audience on both iOS and Android.

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