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Trinium Wars is a sci-fi MMORPG created by Hanmaru Soft and published by InselGames. Headlined by by Jang Wook Lee, Lead Artist of Diablo 3, Trinium Wars is set in a post-apocalyptic after World War III, which is now controlled by mutants. Players can join the fight for the rarest substance in the universe: Trinium and support the human forces to reconquer their home planet.


Unique races: Play as the humans or the Narc, each with their own unique style.

Base building: Players can build various buildings in their base to produce equipment, potions and even skills.

PvP combat: Enjoy exciting PVP MOBA-style matches in special battle arenas.

Faction Action: Experience Faction-based PvP action for up to 1000 players in Resource War mode

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  • Trinium Wars Announcement Trailer

    Set 200 years after the events of World War III, humanity struggles on to survive. Join the battle in this new sci-fi MMORPG, Trinium Wars.

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