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    Ankama Studios

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    Windows, Mac, Linux

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Wakfu is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) which takes place in the fantasy universe created by Ankama Games. In the same spirit that animates its big brother, DOFUS, Wakfu will transport you to a magical universe full of sparkling humor. Whether you become a time-controlling Xelor, a brave Iop, a healing Eniripsa or a sneaky Sram, you’ll discover a heap of new character classes, a unique tactical combat system and strange, colorful landscapes. Wakfu’s turn-based Tactical Combat System, will bring a new dimension to your sense of strategy, combining turn-based tactics and dynamic action in each battle. Featuring an Isometric 3D Universe with Multidirectional Scrolling, Wakfu will bring you to the heart of a fantastic adventure with highly customizable characters evolving in a world with an autonomous ecosystem with which you can interact. Having no NPCs, the game will revolve around players and their actions, and give them entire freedom and control over their world. Wakfu is intended for adventurers of all levels.

It’s up to you to find your own strategy and to succeed in the challenges you face along the way. Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of Wakfu’s greatest heroes.


Customizable Characters featuring 14 Unique Classes, various occupations, and deep character progression.

Tactical Gameplay with turn-based combat where strategy and planning is king.

Evolving Ecosystem in which the player's actions will affect the world around them, not only for themselves, but for other players.

Political system complete with elections, taxes, and governors adds a deep an engaging world beyond the base combat system.

Waky sense of humor sure to keep you guessing. Don't miss out on the bunny suit heavy armor!

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