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    Loki Davison

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Wander is a non-combat, non-competitive 3D MMO focused on exploration and discovery. Beginning your journey as a giant tree, you may explore the great rainforest, discovering other creatures, piecing together the game's storyline, and appreciating the beauty around you. Wander will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Oculus Rift.

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Game Videos

  • Wander MMO Showcases Griffin Flight

    New flight and dive mechanics for the griffin showcased by Wander MMO.

  • Wander Launch Trailer

    Wander, the non-combat MMO, launches on PC and PS4 on June 4. Watch this new E3 2015 trailer, which reveals the Hira form.

  • Wander PAX East Trailer

    Experience an MMO without the combat in the unique experiment that is Wander.

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