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War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat simulation game developed by Gaijin Entertainment for PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4 that allows you to pilot a warplane, tank, and even battleships in World War II. Experience a wide array of vehicles from America, to European, to even Japanese, complete with fully furnished interior views of the cockpit! The emphasis on the game is teamwork, so coordinated strikes will be much more valuable than going it alone. The massive battles don't just take place in the air, though, as land and sea battles will also be available for a variety of gameplay options.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes - Purchase Vehicles, Vehicle Packs, in game currency, and Premium access. Premium access grants increased rate of earning Research Points, and Silver Lions, as well as additional decal slots.

Key Features:

Variety of PvP modes: Take part in several historical battles during World War II. Fight your opponents by air, land, and sea, and seek domination for your team.

Various peripheral support: Beginners and veterans alike will find the game easy to play. The game supports mouse/keyboard, gamepad, and even advanced flight simulation controllers.

PvE content: Various campaigns, solo missions, and cooperative modes also exist for people who want to play without competing against others. There is even a mission editor to enjoy creating your own content.

High attention to detail: The wide variety of planes are beautifully rendered, and even the cockpit possesses the realistic feel. The tanks and ships are spared no loss of detail either.

Quality sound effects: The sounds in game come from their real world counterparts, ensuring an even more in-depth experience. The musical score is also top notch, lending itself perfectly to the battles raging about.


Gaijin makes frequent updates to War Thunder. So many we can't keep up! Check out the changelog here.

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