Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a 3D fantasy RPG being developed by Solarfall Games for PC and Linux where players will embark on an epic journey in order to find truth and kill creatures in an apocalyptic world. Players will be able to fully customize a character who has recently discovered their magical affinity and must flee the Human Republic in order to escape the death penalty. While on their adventure players will come across a considerable amount of loot to outfit their character with and as experience is gained players will be able to invest both stat points and passive skill points into areas of their choosing. Umbra offers players solo play in story mode and is planned to have a variety of multiplayer modes, including: Competitive Plaver vs Player vs AI, Co-op, and Dungeon Challenge all with a global leaderboard that can be used to check your standings. With its impressive customization and the power of CRYENGINE backing up its gorgeous visuals, Umbra looks to be a promising title.


Combat Resources: Players will need to tactfully manage their stamina, mana, and rage while in combat, using each to execute different types of attacks.

House Creation: Players can create their very own houses, customize them to their liking, and show off their most impressive items in them.

In-depth Weapons Crafting: Weapons can be hand-crafted in game and are done so in a rhythmic system that emulates the striking of a blacksmith's hammer on different parts of the weapon. They can also be customized with different blades, pommels, guards and more to ensure you create a masterpiece fit for your playstyle.

Apocalyptic Form: Apocalyptic Forms can be activated in combat to increase a player's strength and grant them new powers. What is truly special about these forms is that they are generated based on your character's previous actions, guaranteeing that every player's apocalyptic form will differ from another's at higher levels.

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