World of Warplanes

Like its sibling, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes is a team-based online action game featuring vehicular combat. Take to the skies in one of dozens of planes developed by military powers around the world, including the United States, the USSR, and Germany. Each plane is developed to be historically accurate, while featuring a complex upgrade system that allows you to customize your fleet to its full potential.


Build a Career: Specialize your pilot into one of three classifications of aircraft as you fight for dominance over your peers. Single Engine Light-Fighters can engage in intense one-on-one dog fights. Heavy Fighters are slow but deliver devastating forward mounted weaponry that can cut down multiple foes in one blast. Strafing Warbirds offer intense dodging capabilities to make you ideal for taking on heavily fortified ground targets.

Diverse Aircraft: Fly planes built from the 1930s through the Korean War, with all three major countries represented.

Plane Customization: Fix up your favorite warbird with specialized ammo, engines, and mods to make it the perfect fit for your tactical gameplay.

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