Twelve Sky 2 Classic Screenshots

  • xstalker

    btw think u guys would keep up to date as of 12-sky-2 is no longer play able through aeria games sence they had closed there servers for that game for good

  • BraedynDarke

    Game is still online but you have to download the client first which is about 3GB.

  • Yoseph_27

    How to register in 12sky 2? give me site plzz

    • Whiteknight311

      Idon’t know but I will find out

      • Rise of the Sky(Official)

        Sorry we put the text white on the top of the page We will re-color it.
        Thanks for your patience.
        -Rise of the Sky (Official)

  • Whiteknight311

    hey all you guys/girls

  • jonny

    Is this game live our did they shut servers down?

  • Rise of the Sky(Official)

    Dear Players,
    I am the owner and developer of Rise of the Sky i just want to announce that there will be a tournament “Sky Raiders.” there will be a minimum of 96 players for challenges. the winner will be rewarded a $60 Pay-Pal
    credit. Thanks for your support and good luck in the tournament.
    -Rise of the Sky(Official)

  • James Brian

    Hi can i play this game here in Philippines?

  • blackxcat13

    shit game

  • lhanzzz11

    12sky2 and 12sky2.5 buy hungames are the same or what…

  • lhanzzz11

    need answer

  • krazyshow