Blade Mistress Returns Review: Oh Please No


What happens when Blade Mistress leaves? Blade Mistress Returns, that's what. For those who are unaware, Blade Mistress Returns (BMR) serves as the rebirth of the once famous MMORPG. The game is a fossil that has been spit-shined to its former glory. The graphics, game play, and content are almost the same, with only some minor tweaks. I'm not really a big fan of the game (even before) and was easily disappointed after seeing its almost unbearable graphics. You can't really blame me since the first DOOM game looked a lot better. Blade Mistress used to be a pay-to-play game back in 2002 (Windows 95 days lol), but eventually turned free-to-play after facing its modern competition. Without further notice, the game went under maintenance, leaving a note that assured its fans of the game's return; however, after years of waiting, the game failed to reappear, leaving its fans and lovers in discontent. Now that the Blade Mistress is back, our heroine faces her greatest challenge yet---- the crowd she betrayed. Is it too late for BRM to work her Windows 95magic? Let's see, shall we?