Dragon Tide Review: Bringing Old in Old School


During the heyday of old consoles, role playing games were just pixilated sprites. Those boxy looking characters you played was your portal to another world, slaying monsters, using spells and saving the day. Now, with the invention of the next gen consoles, we get to experience games that have surpassed our imaginations and the old pixilated chaps are soon forgotten. Dragon Tide, a browser game that uses that same system we grew to love and reminds us of the good ol' days of RPGs. However, it seems that the good ol' days should have been left in the past.

Dragon Tide releases new realm

ARTICLE Dragon Tide is pleased to announce the opening of a new realm, Darkmist Isle. Darkmist Isle takes players from level 75 through to level 84. This exciting realm takes place on a remote island, off the southern shore of Castel.

The source of the dragon plague has been discovered and your quest