GodsWar gameplay


Focusing on Mages, this video reveals the power of teamwork among warriors, champions, mages and priests in the new free MMORPG GodsWar. Watch for the Warriors’ Sword Storm, the Champions’ Chip Blast, the Priests’ Dripstone and the Mages’ Thunder, Flame Blast and Star.

GodsWar Mega Class Skills

Gods War Online is a 3D MMORPG based on Greek Mythology. In this video you could watch as Mages display the true extent of their power against a variety of other classes. You would also see how one class can be used to counter another class’ specialties or take advantage of their vulnerabilities. Watch as mortals strive for control of an Ancient Empire, and fight the battles that made history.

Gods War Priest Video

Gods War gives a preview of the Priest Class and the amazing magic skills they have to defend their lands against the enemies. Priests are holy men who have the powers of Heal, Area Heal, Mana Shield, Dripstone, Holy Light and Stalagmite Skills. As the envoys of the Gods, they can heal injured friends as well as releasing teammates from bad effects, thus priests play a key role in a team.