RAID: Shadow Legends

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    Strategy, Free To Play, Fantasy

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Build your team from the fiercest heroes of the age in RAID: Shadow Legends, an RPGacha game from Plarium. Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, and soon on the desktop via the Plarium Play app.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes - Gachapon style loot box and other convenience based expenditures.

Key Features:

Races: A wide variety of races from elves to undead, and from orks to humans.

Classes: Holy Trinity: Fighter, Damage, and Support/Healer

Over 300!!!!: Characters for you to collect. Build your team with your strongest heroes.

Story Campaign: A story campaign that will keep you busy for ages to come.

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  • RAID: Shadow Legends Teaser Trailer

    In Raid: Shadow Legends, players collect a team of powerful heroes and battle in a dark fantasy world RPG. Available for iOS and Android Mobile Devices, an

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