Team Fortress 2 Joins Dungeon of the Endless

ARTICLE Stemming from the spring ‘Endless Free Weekend’ on Steam, popular French developer Amplitude Studios has officially unlocked the all new Australium update, featuring new official Team Fortress 2 ...

Dota TV: Tune Into eSports Without Logging Out

FEATURE By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist Almost all of my gaming time is currently being spent playing Dota 2. If you are unfamiliar with the game, please check out my first impressions. The game has cha...

Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine!


What we need to take a closer look at is the "secret spice", the "x-factor" or in other words, that element which separates this remarkable game from the rest.

Team Fortress 2 Goes F2P After 4 Years


Team Fortress 2 is now Free To Play. The F2P announcement comes as part of the "Über Update". Released today, it is the largest content pack delivered to TF2 since it shipped in 2007.