Heat Waves Zodiac Online


Zodiac Online’s newest server – Pandora opened June 18th. In celebration of this great moment, ZO is going to hold a grand banquet containing a lot of events at the same time!

Zodiac Online Review: Cool… I Think


Geez! Talk about lacking ideas. Nah, just kidding! Zodiac online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that deals with ancient Chinese mythology (or at least a version of it). The story revolves around the arrival of doomsday (possibly an apocalyptic prophecy) and about the twelve eastern constellations who are hell-bent on stopping the catastrophe. Zodiac online is basically the same MMO we know and love, only with a different perspective and a less stereotypical storyline (YES! NO ORCS AND ELVES HERE FOLKS!). The concept is also a bit different as far as character creation and progression are concerned but we'll get to that as we go further with our review. The game is actually pretty cute, with "chibified" (small dimension) characters that are sure to make you go "aww". The game is actually one of the best 2d MMOs I've seen so far, kind of like a better version of Ragnarok online when it comes to its nicely done visuals. So aside from the Zodiacs and horoscopes, what separates this game from other 2d games? Is its visual advantage over its 2d brethren the only thing that makes it special? Yeah I know, the Logo is actually pretty catchy but there has to be something there.

Zodiac OnlineÂ’s New Expansion Due May 7th


The newest expansion of Zodiac Online - the Fantastic Journey is releasing on May 7th. In this expansion, we're adding more features such as the daily Fancy Draw System, the weekly Trivia Contest, and the monthly Zodiac Arena games. Besides, the max level will be raised up from 70 to 90.

Zodiac Online Interview: How Is Your Kung Fu?


With its open beta stage just a few hours away, we here on Onrpg got a chance to talk with GM Blackout on the current status of Zodiac Online's test operations especially after going through a lot of closed beta stages.