Aion: Dark Betrayal

Discover a world of beauty, magic, and bitter conflict. You are an immortal Daeva. Take flight with celestial wings and fight as never before to save the remains of your world from the sinister Dragon Lords. Explore breathtaking lands, brave challenging group and solo dungeons and claim fortresses for your faction in massive PvP battles.

Now, a new chapter in the story of Atreia begins with Dark Betrayal, AION’s latest full-sized, Truly Free content expansion. A sinister threat has emerged and Daevas will need the combined skill of current allies and the power of the new Gunslinger and Songweaver classes to prevail. Brave the new zones, explore expansive dungeons, conquer the darkness!


Experience Deep Customization: With tools available to edit some of the most minute parts of your face, to an engaging class system with 6 primary classes and 10 subclasses, players are sure to make their mark with a character personalized to their liking.

Beautiful Expanding World: With 4 updates under its belt already, Aion continues to expand its mystical world with constant updates adding to the story and gameplay features.

Fast-Track PvP Server: Players looking to skip the grind and go all out against their fellow players can experience less safe zones and double experience on the fast-track server.

Expansive Crafting: From alchemy to construction, players are sure to find the usual stand-bys as well as new experiments in the world of MMORPG crafting tools.

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  • jay

    i thought Aion in General was Not Free to play

  • Xtreme Tactical Combat

    This game is dead. I mean, it works but there are no people online. I think I saw two other players in the towns.