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Aion is a persistent-world online role-playing game featuring breathtaking exploration across a gorgeous fantasy world, challenging group content and solo dungeons, as well as massive faction v. faction multiplayer battles.  Dive into a land of of mythical elegance and looming doom. Play your part in the rapidly approaching conflict against the nefarious Dragon Lords as an unkillable winged Daeva of legend.

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are a wide variety of optional purchases available.

Key Features:

Chain It Up: Combo actions together for massive damage in battle.

Job Hunter: Help out the local populace and explore a deeply woven narrative by completing epic quests.

Role Play: Customize the various aspects of your character down to even the smallest of visual details.

Fast Farming: Play on fast-tracked servers to accelerate experience grinds.

Handiwork: Craft adventuring necessities along the exhaustive journey.

High Flying: Take to the skies with the help of a trusty companion.

Parley: Declare a temporary truce with a few other players and team up to take on challenging content.

Warriors – Brutalize foes with overwhelming power.
Scouts – Take advantage of high speed and agility stat values to come out on top of any sticky situation.
Mages – Control the four elements for remarkable adaptability and damage.
Priests – Keep the party topped up on HP and safe from hostile threats.
Muses - Manipulate the power of music for a variety of party-supporting effects.
Technists - Breathe life into technological devices for use in combat.


Assault on Balaurea: Enjoy vastly expanded game systems across the board in addition to new areas featuring the Balaur.
The Promised Lands: Band together with other warriors to fight a mighty dragon lord.
Dark Betrayal: Explore two brand new classes as well as a plethora of other supplementary content.
Upheaval: Features more zones and a UI update.
Echoes of Eternity: Uncover the secrets behind the mighty Archdaeva in a pair of new areas.
Refly: Make a trip to the land of Fakrum and reach the new level cap once again.

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