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Cabal II is a sci-fi & fantasy MMORPG created by ESTSoft. As a sequel to the original Cabal Online, Cabal2 uses CryENGINE3 for improved visuals and gameplay compared to original, while retaining the same look and feel.


Rich story: Cabal 2 boasts rich scenarios and unlike any other MMORPGs, the game has an actual ‘scenario ending’.

Improved combat: Cabal 2’s game play greatly surpasses and evolutionizes the original game’s stylish action-packed combat system and combo skill system

Living world: The game’s lifelike AI monsters and NPCs will vitalize dynamic gaming world, and players will be experiencing rich storylines while confronting enemies and doing many more things other than typical hunting and rooting.

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  • Icy3

    err any1 noes when cabal2 will released in sea?