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Combat Arms is a free-to-play, online multiplayer first-person-shooter (FPS) from the world leading online games developer and publisher Nexon. Nexon Europe, the European publishing arm of Nexon Group, now brings this nonstop online action to the European gamers, featuring eye-catching graphics, a vast array of lethally powerful and customizable weapons, modifiable characters and outfitting, dynamic game-play scenarios, persistent web-based stat-tracking, and a worldwide theater of combat.
In addition to these features, Combat Arms also has the high level of socialization present in all Nexon games – Buddy Lists, Clan Support (both in-game and web), vengeance kills, Rival Clans and more. This potent mix of combustible elements ignites a truly unique offering in the world of first-person shooters: a dynamic, evolving game that encourages both companionable competition and cooperation among its players.
Aspiring soldiers of fortune can purchase weapons and equipments to further optimize their play-style, and even customize them in different ways by using GP (Gear Points). Need a suppressor for your AK-47? Upgrade your MP5 with a scope? The extensive arsenal at Combat Arms offers everything from additional weapons, specialized grenades and many more. And they will come in handy once you are out there on the frontlines: the unique backpack system allows soldiers to carry on and to use multiple weapons during their combat, which provides a much more dynamic and precise battle technique.

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