Drop Shock

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    MobRule Studios

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    Browser Based

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  • Gamesite

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Drop Shock represents an evolution of the massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game, playable from almost anywhere with a web browser.

The previous version, TinyWarz, has given us all an incredible ride up-to this point, but it is not longer a fitting representaton of either the vision of this game or what it offers players.

Drop Shock is:
- 24 / 7 PvP combat for strategy-minded players
- The abiliy to out-think your enemy and take what he loses
- A completely player-drive economy
- Conflicts which scale from PvP duels to massive faction vs. faction wars

In an era of graphics before substance; Drop Shock is a thinking gamer's online simulation.

Featuring player vs. player combat, over 10 million vehicle customizations, faction vs. faction battles, and twenty different planets to fight over, Drop Shock is the ultimate massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game. Lastly there are no subscription or sign-up costs, Drop Shock is free to join and play.

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