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WildStar is a Sci-fi World exploration game that brings in a mixed feel from games such as Borderlands and with art style similar to the Ratchet and Clank series. As an Exile, you are on the run from the Dominion race. The Dominion are set to wipe out your races in their conquest of the galaxies. You will travel from one world to the next in your pursuit of freedom and encounter various challenges on each to keep the game fresh. Experience quirky humor, fast-paced action, diverse classes, and faction-based PvP as you discover the alien world of Nexus.


Dynamic Combat: Enemies broadcast their heavy-hitting attacks and players will be rewarded with buffs and experience for avoiding them.

Paths: Every class has 4 available paths to choose from which will impact the missions you go on, the abilities you can choose from, and the bonuses you can acquire.

Housing: Stake your claim on your own plot of land and develop it as you see fit. Resting in your home can grant you rested XP and other useful multipliers.

Alliances: Swear to the Dominion or join up with the Exiles if you're feeling a bit more rebellious. Either way you're sure to be in for a fight!

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    WildStar introduces the Primal Matrix, which lets players at level 50 progress into far more power than ever!

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    WildStar's spooky Halloween events return with new items and more! Get a preview in this teaser trailer.

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