Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Wildstar was an MMORPG. It closed its doors for good on November 28, 2018.

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Game Videos

  • WildStar | Starfall 2017 Preview

    Though the weekend event is done with, Starfall is still coming, and the WildStar team gives us the scoop!

  • WildStar: Power of the Primal Matrix

    WildStar introduces the Primal Matrix, which lets players at level 50 progress into far more power than ever!

  • WildStar Shades Eve Trailer

    WildStar's spooky Halloween events return with new items and more! Get a preview in this teaser trailer.

Game Articles

  • WildStar Destination Arcterra now live

    Today NCSOFT revealed that WildStar’s latest content update, Destination Arcterra, has arrived. Players will step into Arcterra, a frozen wasteland t...

  • Carbine Announces More Layoffs

    In an announcement this afternoon, Carbine Studios confirmed that it has laid off more employees and reduced its WildStar staff. The studio also ann...

  • WildStar Teases Frozen Arcterra Update

    Carbine today released their first screenshots and sparse details about the next addition to the WildStar Nexus Saga, the frozen wasteland of Arcterra....