Elder Scrolls Online

Explore the lands of Tamriel a millennium before the return of the Dragonborn as you take up arms, raise a kingdom, and fight off all challengers and trickery brought upon you by the Daedric Prince Malog Bal.


Massive World: Explore all of Tamriel reinvented for next gen MMORPGs. Locations such as Morrowind, Skyrim and more await!

3 Faction PvP: Engage in open-world warfare as you attempt to conquer the lands of two other rival factions

More Features to Come as they are revealed!

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  • P_L

    It’s kinda sad that people are rating this so high before it’s even out. Anyone who has seen the gameplay video can tell that the game is horrible, and a shame to the entire series. The ratings are very misleading and onRPG should only allow games to be rated if they are actually released.

    • Darkney

      wtf man. Just because you think the gameplay is horrible doesnt mean that others think that…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001937035024 Brian Smith

      And how can you truly judge something until you have played it for yourself? That is something that always makes no sense to me. People judging a game before it’s even been released and they’ve played it for themselves.

      • Katsu

        Yes but saying it’ll be bad from an animated video is just as worse as judging it before it comes out.

  • Maurice Willimas

    hey im new at the whole rpg gaming experience can anyone give me a good game to start out with ?

    • chikami

      okay so i know this reply is 7 months late…. but still
      -lotro (this one is outdated a little, especially the graphics, but has a huge world, tons of conent and a good tutorial)
      -archeage (amazing sandbox game, with an amazing world, really cool graphics and an awesome story)
      -aura kingdom (good game, good graphics, fun quests, no real storyline though, and the keybind customizations are limited)

      • Maurice Willimas

        loool thnk you

  • http://affanshare.blogspot.com Xiao Fooxe


  • Some Guy You Dont Know

    they should’eve stuck with the elder scrolls VI (6) instead of this *facepalm*