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EverQuest is a free to play (previously subscription-only) fantasy MMORPG. First arriving in 1999, EverQuest became one of the first massively popular MMOs and changed the online gaming landscape forever.

Its newest expansion, Darkened Seas, will raise the level cap to 105, add new tradeskills, quests, missions, raids, spells, zones, AAs, items, and the new mount key ring feature.


Endless Content: With over a dozen expansions implemented in the game since its launch, players can find hundreds and thousands of hours of content to enjoy, including a newly raised level cap of 105.

Your Own Hero: EverQuest has a wide variety of races, classes, and deities to combine into your own unique hero story.

Limited F2P Gating: Over ten years worth of expansion content is already included free in EverQuest, and limits on free players are virtually nonexistant.

A Strong Community: Now fifteen years old, EverQuest continues to boast a loyal community that has inspired change.

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