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Fly For Fun (Flyff) takes place in a beautifully rendered 3-D environment and features an exciting mix of high flying vehicles intertwined within fantasy-inspired game play with impressive Anime style graphics. It is completely free to download and play.Immerse yourself in the world of Madrigal, a land of sweeping landscapes and breathtaking architecture. A world of adventurer lies ahead of you. Magic, mystique, and monsters surround you on all sides... your best chance of survival rests on the bonds and friendships you develop with your fellow adventurers.Flyff Features:
- Exciting ground and air based battles.
- A multitude of abilities, weapons, and high flying vehicles to suit one’s fancy.
- A multitude of job classes catering to many different playing styles.
- Highly customizable user avatars.
- A party system, unique to Flyff, that awards its members with distinct group based benefits.
- Weekly Guild Siege, pitting the best of the best against each other.
- Customizable Action Interface that allows the binding of multiple actions/attacks, etc. to a single key.
- Free market economy for users to host and create their own private shops.
- A tight-knit community with high levels of interactions from Flyff’s staff members.
- A Premium Shop that hosts a variety of items to enhance your gaming experience.

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