Gears 5

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  • Developer:
    The Coalition

  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Shooter

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Gears of War returns in 2019 with Gears 5, from The Coalition and Microsoft Studios. Players will take the role of Kait as she leads her squad across the largest Gears world to date in an attempt to discover the secrets and origins of the Locust. Will you be able to save humankind while they hold a shred of their humanity?


Cross Play Co-Op: Play couch co-op in split screen, or go online and cross play between PC and XBox One.

Superior Graphics: 60 FPS in stunning 4K Ultra-HD.

Gripping Story: Discover what is going on with Kait and why she feels compelled to seek out the Locust.

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Game Videos

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  • Gears 5 – E3 2019 – Terminator Dark Fate Reveal

    Buy and play any edition of Gears 5 or play Gears 5 with your Xbox Game Pass membership by September 16th, 2019 to receive the Terminator Dark Fate Charact

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