Iris Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Iris Online is a gypsy-themed fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyasoft, makers of Luna Plus and Titan Online and published by Gala-Net. With over 1000 quests, 22 themed instance dungeons, and an intricate Tarot Card system, Iris Online is a full feature MMORPG rich in both PvE and PvP action. The cute anime-pop graphics and gorgeously realized 3D environments make Iris unique, with a look and feel all its own.

Through Iris's mysterious Divination System, players can get their Tarot Cards read from a fortune-telling NPC. Let the Fortune Teller reveal the secrets of the mystic arts, and your character may receive buffs and other special boosts in exchange. Players can also morph instantly into monsters by using a collected Monster Card. Turn into a bouncy and resistant toadstool or a super powerful end-game boss, all with the flip of a card!

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Game Videos

  • Iris Online CF Trailer

    This beautiful trailer really gets you in the mood to play Iris. Go try it!

  • Iris Online Trailer

    The game looks like a party, so grab your invite to join the fun!

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  • heaven

    how to download the game

  • dadam
  • Suyami

    uhhhhh anyone got any nice sites that DONT INCLUDE DOWNLOAD HERE !???

  • Anon

    why is this game off ?:(

    • Anon

      You cant they cancelled the game, I used to play it till the very end it is amazing. when I heard it was going to shut down in August 2011 a little piece of my soul died with it…

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  • TriviaNerd

    so is there a way we can get a refund for this game if we paid money??

    • Annie

      You can’t get a refund if you spent any money on this game or any game for that matter. That’s like trying to return an item to a store that went out of business.

  • Jon

    How can I download this game?

  • Mirany — private server

  • need an answer

    someone help me? “error update parse server patch list header file”

  • shana

    salut à tous est-ce qu’il y a des français ici je suis un peu seule moi :s