Medieval Engineers

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  • Developer:
    Keen Software House

  • Genres:
    3D Medieval

Created by the same company who brought you Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers puts players in a massive sandbox world where they can build fortifications, mechanical devices, siege weaponry, castles, and even full villages! The game has a deep focus on creativity and enabling the player create whatever may come to mind within a world where structural integrity is key.
Medieval Engineers is currently in an early access stage where the game can be purchased on Steam and is stable enough to play, but is still receiving major updates.


Realistic Physics Players need to carefully choose how to mold and construct their buildings. Both Mass and structure shape factor into whether a construction will stand the test of time, or crumble within minutes.

Different Game Modes Currently Medieval Engineers supports two different game modes. The first, creative mode, allows players to spend their time exploring and building their world without fear of danger. In creative mode players have access to levitation, instant building times, and unlimited resources. The second game mode, survival mode, is still a work in progress. Only death/respawning, no levitation, and construction are currently implemented.

Steam Workshop In the Steam Workshop players can share their creations with the Steam Community and proudly put them on display for all to see.

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