Medieval Engineers – Update 0.6.4 Information

Medieval history is rife with conflict and war. It’s with this in mind, that combat has been a part of the Medieval Engineers plan. This latest update, it’s to create combat mechanics that are more intense and exciting for players to enjoy. They will receive further polish in the future, with particle effects and decals. This is not all that changed though: server admin can now set up remote API to monitor servers similar to Space Engineers, chat logging and offline chat to keep up with players. Modders also saw some new features, which we’ll list below. They had a few core ideas they wanted to express about this combat system also:

Combat shouldn’t take away from engineering.” 
This is the primary idea that is reinforced by all of the other ideas. We see engineering as the core of our gameplay because it’s what makes engineers games different from similar games.

“Combat should be easy to learn.” 
There shouldn’t be new controls, purposefully difficult timings, or combination moves to make fighting harder than it has to be. You should understand it well enough after only a few minutes of practice.

“Combat should rely mostly on skill to win.” 
Winning should always be possible if you are more skilled than your opponent.

“Combat should be short.” 
You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time on combat if you don’t want to.

The only bonuses you take into combat is better gear and more health, that’s it. It’s based on attacking and blocking but enhanced to offer a variety of attacks and blocks. Each character has three zones that can be attacked and defended, which creates a directional approach to combat. Combat gives you an additional adrenaline effect. When you are fighting you will hear your heart beating and your vision will narrow. At the same time, your attacks and blocks will become faster than usual. The part of combat that makes zones possible is target-locking. This is a ‘soft lock’, meaning that you can still aim attacks and blocks while you are locked.

List of New Features:

  • New combat system
  • Resources rebalanced for faster gathering and building
  • HUD improvements for chat and readability
  • Toolbar behavior improvements

For Modders:

  • Updated subpart system
  • New biome definition format
  • New chat system with moddable channels
  • New entity effects

For Server Admins:

  • Message of the Day
  • Chat logging
  • Remote API and VRage Remote Client

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