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Portal Knights is an upcoming buy to play fantasy adventure game developed by Keen Games for PC and will be available on Steam Early Access. In Portal Knights players can traverse a series of sandbox islands through different portals as they try to reunite the shattered realm. Fierce creatures and bosses will stand in your path, but with perseverance you will be able to defeat them and reap the rewards of your efforts. You will also be able to create fantastic structures from different kinds of materials, your only structural limit being your imagination. By pairing your creativity with your combat skills you might just become the ultimate Portal Knight!


Randomly Generated Islands: Every island you encounter will be randomly generated with different creatures, environments, and resources for you to acquire.

Class RPG Classes: Make your hero a Warrior, Wizard, or Archer and customize their gear and abilities to your liking.

Multiplayer Co-op: Why not have your friends join you on your adventures? Explore, craft, and fight alongside your friends in 4-player multiplayer co-operative!

House Creation: Players can create their very own houses from a variety of materials and furnishings. Farms can also be created where you will be able to grow food and sustain yourself.

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