Portal Knights Creator’s Update Available Now

Portal Knights is helping unleash creativity with the release of the 1.4 update – it brings Creative Mode, as well as Universe Sharing. It’s available today on PC and later for console/mobile, Creator’s Update allows players to select from a range of environments and create anything they wish, with an unlimited amount of blocks, furniture, and other decorations. It’s been designed to empower creative freedom and to challenge players to build something magnificent. Universe Sharing will let players draw inspiration from other designs created within the Steam Workshop community.

Other Features Added:

·        Pirate City – Landlubber’s Leap: Explore the rip-roaring pirate city, Landlubber’s Leap and take on brand-new adventures. Meet new characters, complete their quests and earn exciting rewards

·        Mysterious Spectral Knights: Find new mysterious Spectral Knights who will guide players on epic journeys and complete daring quests

·        New Armor: Players will discover over 20 new armors, found in dungeon chests or by crafting new exotic armor at the Portal Knights sanctuary.

·        Weekly Gifts: Find or craft mailboxes in-game to discover a new, free gift every week!

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