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Royal Quest is an adventure set in a fantasy world named Aura, full of magic, technology, and alchemy. Aura is under imminent danger by dark alchemists who will kill to find the highly rare and precious Elenium mineral with its many unique features. The King is in search of courageous heroes to banish the invaders once and forever. As a reward he promises titles, castles, land, and riches.

Royal Quest features innovative game play in which your personal achievements influence the world around you. Your standing with the king, your efforts in PvPvE (a fast paced pvp system in which you face off against your fellow players and challenging monsters), and castle sieges all play a part in crafting this fantasy world. Strategic weapons and collectible cards imbue your hero with unique abilities and stats. A helpful pet system also takes much of the tedium typical in MMOs out by dealing with loot and support spells, allowing you to focus on the constant action. Whether playing solo or with friends, Royal Quest will keep players enthralled in the mysterious world of Aura.

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