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SMITE is a 3D Action MOBA that differentiates itself from most of its kind by joining the camera view to your God's third person view. All skills are skill shots (i.e. require aiming and can be dodged) and the ultimate goal of destroying your enemy's base is made more difficult due to the 'base' being a giant powerful minotaur that fights back! Matches are 5v5 and at launch there are 13 gods to choose from, though more are certainly on the way.


Complex Jungle: Between the three core lanes you will find a complex, foggy, and winding jungle path ideal for unexpected battles, farming jungle monsters for buffs/gold, and all powerful objectives that can give a team the advantage needed to finish a match.

Mythological Lore: All playable characters are based on actual deities from various ancient cultures, with skills matching their lore to add further flavor to characters.

Minotaur System: Players ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy minotaur. However the more towers and phoenixs (respawning fire birds that give aid to enemy minions once defeated) still standing factor into the Minotaur's overall power. This ensures teams will have to push multiple lanes to stand a chance of defeating him.

Gold System: Players collect gold from standing near minions as they die, last hitting minions, and killing or assisting in killing enemy players. This can be used in the current match to purchase items to bolster your god's base stats as well as unlock unique abilities.

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  • Boycothirez


    I would
    like to share with you my experience with this bad company.

    This is
    based on over 1 year time spent in SMITE and 2 years in other MOBA games. I
    have nothing to those games at all, but to company who is way too sensitive for
    players behaviour which unfortunatelly making community just worse.

    So Im the
    one of very rare and excint species of gamers, who are really need to spread
    true rewievs about any game they play. I know everything about game I currently
    play, I just must to know that!

    Ok, let’s
    back to Hi-rez, so I started playing 1 year ago in very early beta stage, I did
    2 accounts because I wanted to get “1st win bonus” on both of them, I
    had time so that wasnt problem to level them together. I hit lvl 30 very easy
    and then started problems. I found very major issue with matching system, which
    matched ME (pro and competitive) with very low levels and caused me to be
    “hero of the team”. If I couldnt win 1 vs 5, then match was 100% lost
    because other just were useless like minions.

    Naturally I
    was nervous and I tried teach my whole team what to buy and what to do, but
    they always reply like rebel period teenagers “Dont tell me what to do! Im
    adult!” So I started using more offensive words like “You idiot, Im
    just trying to help you and you do nothing to team, you are match
    destroyer” and after match they keep reporting me for
    “HARASSMENT” I got banned plenty of time because of that so I created
    3rd account because I found out that:

    lvl 6-20 -

    lvl 20-27 -

    28-30 -

    example of
    my team at lvl 30: lvl 10,11,13,11 and me lvl 30

    enemy team:
    lvl 19,20,23,13,18

    So again I
    got banned for “harassment” because I cant really stay calm while
    someone destroying whole matches and wasting my precious time for senseless

    Those all
    bans I got were tempolary until 2 days ago when I met one guy who insulted me
    and other druing whole match because no reason (really, because we were
    winning) and everything was fine, he probably was just in bad mood and after
    match when other reported him for “harassment” he told he dont care
    because he is friend of GM Hi-rezAlexander and we will be banned within 24
    hours. LOL this was exactly my team reaction for this and how surprised I was,
    while exactly near this time I got my 3rd account banned for 2 weeks…


    I spent 2
    years before SMITE in other MOBA games and I have never been banned there,
    community was random same as SMITE (casual + cometitive) and sometimes someone
    got rage but I repeat – NEVER seen someone banned for insulting or language,
    just for match griefing like leaving, afk, feeding etc. So where is the

    HI-rez -
    this is problem!

    So Im
    leaving this game permanently because here is no place for competetive players
    like me, just for people who dont know how to play and they reporting everyone
    for “harassment” because u called him “stupid”.

    Bye, share
    this story with everyone if you can, because this is great game, but
    unfortunatelly developer is way too serious for harassment term.

  • Excelle

    Take some advice from the Tribes Ascend and Global Agenda communities….

    Here is a very important tip for people spending money on Smite: Don’t do it. HiRez has a pretty bad track record with their games. Basically they release a new game, get as much money as they possibly can for the first year and then they stop supporting it the moment a new game comes along. They did it with GA and now they have done it with Tribes Ascend. TA was barely out a year before they started shifting everything to Smite and now they have stopped supporting the game entirely already. The same thing will happen to Smite once the next big game (GA2) comes out so I would think twice about spending a lot of money on this game.

    HiRez is one of the worst gaming companies I have ever seen.

  • nadin

    helo maj nam iz nadin