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SMITE is a third-person perspective MOBA by HiRez Studios where players can choose from a wide variety of deities from different Pantheons to take into the Battleground of the Gods. Fight for favor and worshippers for your gods to increase their mastery levels and prove to the world why your favorite deities are the best around, but don't forget to work with your teammates in cooperative game modes to take down the opposition. SMITE is becoming increasingly dynamic with every season offering new metas, builds, and brand new deities to mix things up. Dive into the Battleground of the Gods today and find out if you've got what it takes to do battle with the Gods themselves!


Mythological Basis: SMITE is based on mythology from all across the world, stretching from the lands of the Mayans, to the Greeks, to the Japanese.

Third-Person Perspective: This MOBA puts you right into the action over the shoulders of your favorite Gods. Get ready to feel more involved than ever!

Skins: Every God has skins to choose from so you can enter battlegrounds in your favorite style. Whether you're looking for something modern, steampunk, or something straight-up intimidating you're sure to find a skin you like.

Ranked: When you're not practicing in normal matches you can head into ranked versions of Conquest, Joust, or Duel to truly see how you stack up against other players.

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